About Santhi Pack

Our Company SANTHI PACK are the Wholesale and Retail supplier of packing material to Caterers and other industry.

We give below few disposable items for Caterers like Paper plates, Plastic containers, Aluminium Containers, Lunch Trays, Tissues, Garbage bags, Butter Reem, Brown covers, Brown Carry Bags, Bio Cling Film, Compostable bags, Aluminium Foil Covers, Silver Parcel Sheets etc.

We also supply materials for Industries like Stretch Film, Sutli, Bubble Rolls, LD Covers, PP Covers, Zip Lock Covers, Box Strapping, Box Strapping H-Sealing Roll, Adhesive Tapes, Clips.

These products are procured from the best and trusted vendors with good quality. Our products come in variety of colours and few items are designed as per customers requirements. Our products are highly durable & good quality.

We deal with Glass Bottles & Jars which is used as containers for storing Milk, Juices, Honey, Oil, Pickles, Squashes. Bottles and Jars are trendy appearance, fine finish, durability, robust design and light weight.